There are many simulation games designed to offer you a comprehensive and unique way of managing the railroad. Transport Fever does a very good job at bringing you railroad management ideas that are creative and fun at the same time. The idea here is that you are starting a transportation business in 1850 and all you have is a certain amount of money.


With that limited amount you really need to do everything you can in order to expand your company and bring more and more value for the customer base. You will be a transport tycoon and the idea here is that you have to connect people and businesses or cities with harbors, airports, stations and so on. The more you connect and the more you adapt to the requirements of that city, the better it will be. This is something very rewarding, interesting and it strives to push the boundaries while also creating something new and different. That’s always an exciting thing to pursue, although there will always be challenges to deal with in a situation like this.

The game tutorial is great, it allows you to learn more about the interface, key combinations, how you can successfully create a railroad and other good stuff. Transport Fever is a rather complex game, so you will get the feeling that this tutorial is a bit on the longer side. That’s fine, once you get past that you will find that the tutorial actually has a decent length and it will give you pretty much all the info you need to make this interesting and appealing all the time. That’s something completely different and extremely powerful for a game like this.

I like the fact that you will have to watch the city needs and adapt to that all the time. You will have to develop cargo chains and ensure that you are boosting the growth of that city, as it’s what will fuel your growth to begin with. And on top of that, the game has 2 campaigns with lots of missions as you can imagine. One of them takes place in Europe, the other one is in the US. It’s quite interesting and just a lot of fun to explore these ideas, and it continues to expand and adapt in ways that you would not imagine. Granted, it will take a little bit of time to do this wisely and complete all missions.

But even once you get past that you will notice that you have an endless mode too. You select the map you want to play, starting money and other variables, then you are good to go. It’s nice to have these ideas and features right in front of you because it delivers creative results and a unique array of benefits in a clever and powerful manner.

One of the coolest things about Transport Fever is that it has a whole lot of trucks, buses, ships, trains and so on. Everything is very detailed and era-accurate, which is nice as it offers you a very good sense of immersion. You can still have locomotives from the 1800s towards the end of the 20th century if you want, but that’s your choice. You can always improve in the game, which is what really makes the experience interesting and fun at the same time. It’s actually super rewarding and funny, certainly worth the effort. It’s nice that you have train upgrades and aircraft upgrades as it represents the era and it just gives you a much better way to explore and enjoy the entire process as you go along here.

The game worlds are randomly generated. That becomes an advantage because it pushes the experience and makes things a lot more appealing to everyone. You just get to have a fresh start, and the terrains always have realistic dimensions. As we said earlier, everything can be customized so you know what you are getting into while still having a bit of randomness in there.

Graphics and physics

Physics are great in this game, and the visuals are a delight. You really get to experience the game the way you want and the attention to detail is unlike anything you can find in this genre. The economics in this game might be a bit too much for some of us, but you will find the gameplay to be very realistic, so you will use the real world rules to try and improve your business. There are times when your business will have to borrow money and so on, so this is not something perfect. You will need to try and adapt to the process if you can as otherwise there will be problems. And that alone is what really pushes the boundaries to make the gameplay even more interesting.

The fact that you get to cover more than 150 years of transportation industry is extraordinary, and you will be mesmerized with the unique ideas brought to the table and powerful features. The urban environments are dynamic, things are changing all the time and nothing is static. Which is for the better, because you always get to explore clever and unique ideas while also trying to push things to a new level and a very creative manner. There will always be a good idea to explore the options and come up with some nice features, all you have to do is to test this out and try it on your own if you can.


I found Transport Fever to be a very good tycoon game and you can easily specialize in railroads, aircraft or busses if you want. Or it can be a combination of everything. The gameplay is varied and diverse, and you always get to have control over the process in a meaningful way. The fact that you get to cover 150 years of transportation history is insane, and it says a lot about the game and the experience itself here. You do want to check it out and give it a try if possible, as it’s just a really fun and unique game for you to explore!

This review is based on the PC version of the game. A review copy was provided to us by Urban Games.

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