Sigma Theory: Global Cold War is a very creative and fun game that uses a turn-based system in order to help you secure control over the singularity. It’s a very different game when compared to the other ones out there because you will have to recruit special agents, train them and also find all kinds of secrets. The gameplay itself is designed to be very simple, but at the same time there are lots of complicated ideas as you try to run this agency. It’s a very impressive approach and one that does tend to work quite nicely because of that.There’s a new scientific discovery in here and the major powers want it because it can bring in immortality and all kinds of benefits. This new discovery is named Sigma Theory and only a few scientists are able to use it and manage it. Which obviously comes with its fair share of challenges, because you have to find new and better ways to handle this process without having to worry about issues that can arise.

Bring the Sigma Theory to your nation

When something so powerful appears, you don’t really know what to do. The obvious thing is to try and get the power all for yourself. It really is a crucial aspect to keep in mind and you have to tackle it in a very creative manner.

Since all nations want to get this technology, it’s really hard and challenging to deal with all of this. The trick here is to make sure that you use all the resources your nation has in order to reach that next level and try to deal with this issue before it gets more and more problematic than it really is. With that in mind, handling tactical drones, using elite cover agents and trying to use diplomacy is a must, which can be very tricky. It’s a very important aspect to keep in mind and that’s why you have to address this in a proper manner, otherwise there will be issue.

This is a cold war and there’s not a lot you can do outside of trying to fight and representing yourself the best possible way that you can. It will totally be worth the effort, as long as you try to become the best at espionage. They do a very good job at showcasing powerful ideas and the experience itself is great because of that. The true quality brought by Sigma Theory: Global Cold War is that you have a turn based approach to turn great spies into espionage mastermind.

You can teach your team a lot about seduction, industrial espionage or even blackmail as you try to become the best at what you are doing here. Everything is permitted and you can do all you can in order to push that next level as much as possible. Challenges will always be here, but as long as you manage everything correctly, nothing will be able to stand in your way. With more than 100 NPCs in the game, there’s always something new and creative to do, and the experience itself will be a stellar one no matter the situation.

Recruiting the best agents

You have 50+ agents in the game and each one has their own capabilities and powers. That’s great, because some are good hackers, others will be focused on seductions or are amazing soldiers. Every detail matters when it comes to this type of game, and in the end it can become an incredible experience for you to cherish and enjoy all the time.

Once your time is done and ready to go, you will have to assign them all kinds of missions. We like the fact that missions are varied and different. The agents will have to manipulate scientists, politicians and they can also bribe targets so they can reach the desired goal. It really is something different and powerful, exactly what you need from this kind of game.

Counter-espionage and exfil

Our recruits will need to enter those buildings and talk with targets, but they do need to get out. You will need to position drones and ensure that there’s a good way to get your team out, just to be safe. Counter-espionage is also a problem, as other nations will try to access the precious technology while also undermining your efforts. Trying to battle them while also handling other challenges can be tricky, but it’s one of those things you really have to deal with, otherwise you will have problems and you have to figure that out in a proper manner.

Testing out your diplomacy

We like the fact that Sigma Theory: Global Cold War is all about trying out all kinds of systems and just using the ones that work for you. Adaptability matters with it and you really have to push things to the next level in a great manner. The quality you get is second to none, as long as you use diplomacy to your own advantage. The payoff is always exciting and unique, and you will find the experience to be very good all the time.

Graphics and sounds

The soundtrack is futuristic and it does blend really well with the game. When it comes to the graphics, it’s nothing over the top, but interesting and rather appealing at the same time. It’s certainly something unique and fun to check out, and you do want to at least give it a shot. The graphics in Sigma Theory: Global Cold War won’t blow you away. But considering this is a turn based game about espionage, they serve their purpose.


Sigma Theory: Global Cold War is a very different game. It’s a blend of Tropico, Armello, Civilization, Pandemic and Plague INC as well as X Com. That’s very interesting and fun, and you do want to check it out and give it a try for yourself. It’s not easy to become the one that captures Sigma Theory, and most of the fun relies on the methods you use to reach that goal!

This review is based on the PC version of the game. A review copy was provided to us by Goblinz Studio.

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