Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is exactly what it says, a fishing simulator experience with a twist. You end up being one of those persons that try to fish as fast as the others and gets the largest fish. There are many fishing simulators on Steam and other platforms, but Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour takes stuff to the next level by making this a very creative and also super fun experience for all of us. It’s designed with the idea of offering true support and quality while also eliminating challenges and excuses. It works great and the true focus with Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is that you do need to test yourself as you become the best anglers.


At first, having a competitive fishing game sounds awfully strange but you will get used to the idea pretty fast actually. And that’s because the game itself is designed with creativity in mind and it always encourages you to push to that next level and try new things. It does end up being a bit hard to comprehend at first but it’s always creative and fun and it pushes the experience to new heights without rushing you into anything.
You have predator fish, carp and bass competitions. At first you start locally but the focus is to go internationally and become one of the best anglers in the world, if not the best. They added custom multiplayer, it allows you to set the rules and take your friends online fast without any hassle. To make things even better, they actually added custom rules for any event you create and you can change the venue, the species you can catch, weather conditions and so on.

It’s interesting to see that the game is actually backed by Scott Martin, which is the best FLW tour bass angler of all time. That’s nice to actually have a real life champion endorse the game and make it feel more authentic. It just encourages you to push the boundaries and take against the champion.
It might feel at first that this is a game of chance. But there’s no luck here, only true focus on finding the fish you need and then doing whatever you can in order to catch it in the right manner. Each one of the 10 venues has a different approach. Thankfully they did include some nice features into the game, like GPS and sonar, which makes it easier for you to enjoy the fishing experience in a relaxed and fun manner. There are 50 licensed partners in the game, not to mention 29 different fish species too.

The fish species in the game include channel catfish, wells catfish, rainbow trout, brown trout, carp, bass and many varieties too. What a lot of players will like here is that fish have their own behavioral system. Noise will affect them, and the time of the day as well as weather conditions will have an impact on your entire fishing experience too.
As you play and win tournaments you will be able to acquire more social media followers and that leads to astounding career earnings. All of this adds together and it just makes the experience a lot of fun and super rewarding, since you have great control and focus without having to rush into this in any way that you see fit. Adaptability is at the core of this entire game, and it has never been easier and better to do this.

Seamless multiplayer

We love the multiplayer in this game, as it’s at the core of it all. Being able to fish against real people and actively see their technique is a lot of fun. It just encourages you to try out all kinds of stuff and at the same time it eliminates excuses while also bringing in great value and support no matter the situation. If you can become the Angler of the Month, you will have amazing rewards. And as you can imagine, rewards get better and better the more you play this game. That’s what really makes it so fun, the fact that you can always enjoy cool results and just have fun with it all while also adapting to the experience and trying to get better and better.

Aside from that, there’s a dedicated mastery and community challenge system. The community is very dense here and it’s also super creative. They created a challenge system that requires you to come back again and again as you try to unlock all the content. You will get some exclusive items if you become a part of these challenges. Despite not being mandatory, the Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour experience pushes the boundaries and it brings in front some rewarding benefits and a true quality and value you do not want to miss.

Graphics and sounds

For the most part the Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour graphics are very impressive. The game itself is focused on realism, so the environments and the characters, as well as fish look very well. The attention to detail put into everything is staggering, and it just shows how much time and money the developers invested into all of this. It’s unique and simply beautiful, definitely something you will not see everywhere, and that’s different and powerful. As for sounds, they are decent, quite realistic too and they add up well to the entire fishing experience.


Should you play Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour or not? That depends on how much you like to play a game focused on the idea of fishing all the time. If that sounds like something exciting for you, then this game has all of that in spades. It’s actually a very creative title with lots of features and ideas in it. The customizable multiplayer and community challenges add to the longevity of this experience and for the most part you will find this game a lot of fun. Yes, it has some bugs here and there, but it’s fun and something you will find yourself playing again and again!

This review is based on the PC version of the game. A review copy was provided to us by Dovetail Games.

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