It’s always interesting to play a game that has an unique concept and some really fun ideas. That’s exactly what you are getting with The Pedestrian, an adventure game that also has a lot of puzzles and platforming elements. The core idea behind this is to create something different and fun, unique yet cool enough to really push the experience to that next level in a fun and creative way. The greatest thing in the game is that it has a feel of its own.

Exploring a large city

The cool thing with The Pedestrian is that it always encourages you to come up with something new. The game has a lot of interesting environments and the great thing about all of this is the 3D environment is actually the background. Your focus is to solve a variety of 2D puzzles, where the pedestrian is a stickman. That alone really throws things for a loop to come up with something really interesting and exciting at the same time.

One of the more appealing things when it comes to The Pedestrian is that it always encourages you to think outside the box. They created a versatile and fun unique world that’s still full of surprises. It’s a great concept that’s also very different to what you would normally play. But at the end of the day, that’s the idea. You want it to be new, you want it to be fresh and to have fun with it the best way that you can. It’s certainly exciting to see just how connecting a few locations and going through them with the stickman is exactly what makes the game so intense and unique at the same time.

It’s definitely a great opportunity to try out something new in a game genre where everything is very similar. Adventure games try to be creative, but they always follow the same ideas and things. With The Pedestrian, you are encouraged to really push things to the next level in a large city with a lot of obstacles in front of you. It’s an intense system with a lot of core ideas and exciting gameplay mechanics for you to explore. That’s definitely unique to see and you will be mesmerized with just how appealing the game can become all the time.

Exploring your way through an intense story

At its core, the idea in The Pedestrian is that you are a simple man just trying to get home through a massive city. You, the player, will control The Pedestrian as he tries to fulfill his dream and that on its own can be incredibly challenging and quite demanding at the same time. It’s interesting to see how everything comes together and if you do it right you will find it quite impressive in its own right. That’s what the true focus comes, in trying to explore a world that you want to make as impressive as possible, while still figuring out what you can do in order to just reach the next level and have fun for a change.

With The Pedestrian you always know what you are getting, and that’s a new set of levels that you need to think about very well. Finding the right way to connect them is not going to be easy, but it will give you a good idea in regards to what you can expect. That on its own is very appealing and it makes the experience a whole lot more rewarding than you would imagine.
When you try to explore the city, they will bring in all kinds of challenges in front of you. That makes the game a lot trickier but it also means that if you don’t do things right, you can replay and go back whenever you see fit. It’s a nice concept to see this and quite refreshing as well. While playing The Pedestrian I had a lot of fun trying to figure out how these puzzle pieces come together.

Every section is so different that you’re always trying to assess the situation and find the right way to handle the process in a clever manner. You can also move at your own pace. The lack of a timer is good because it makes it easier to just enjoy your time and have fun rather than being rushed by a variety of different things. It’s certainly interesting how everything is coming together and for the most part it’s a clever, very creative tool for you to explore and enjoy.

Beautiful world

We like the fact that The Pedestrian is coming up with a massive 3D world while you are in a smaller 3D world as well. It’s interesting to see how the experience blends together and the truth is that they are actually coming up with some nice ideas for you to enjoy. It’s great to see that every new location feels satisfying and it’s very fun too. You rarely get this type of notion when you play a game, and The Pedestrian manages to fulfill that in a rather funny yet interesting manner. You want to check it out and you do want to make it as creative as possible without actively rushing anything, and that alone says a lot about the game.

Should you play The Pedestrian?

It all comes down to the types of games that you like. The Pedestrian is different because it constantly encourages you to push the boundaries and come up with something new. When you play this game you will find yourself exploring new limits and challenges. It’s definitely not going to be easy to achieve what you have in mind, especially in the beginning when you get used to the world.

Yet the more you play, the more fun the game will get. It’s really odd to see that, but as you play and enjoy the experience, you actually get better and better. The puzzles are fabulous, the experience is mesmerizing and I found myself trying to replay the game and finding solutions faster. The Pedestrian is an amazing adventure game, so if you want to play something like that, you should totally give it a try!

This review is based on the PC version of the game. A review copy was provided to us by Skookum Arts.

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