Palmyra Orphanage is a singleplayer horror game with a very interesting and rather spooky premise. This is one of those games where you will be quite scared throughout the entire experience. And that’s a great understanding of how everything works and how exciting the process really is here. The Palmyra Orphanage is actually a location in the post soviet Russia. They are bringing us to a remote corner of the country and it’s a children’s home that got to survive the collapse of the country.

A great story

While the location is still there, the orphanage was removed from all the archives. That alone is a very interesting premise, and we want to learn more about it and investigate. Which is exactly what makes this game good, because you are going into this without knowing what you can expect. In the game you are trying to find the missing brother. So you are basically forced to try and find the Palmyra Orphanage and actually figure out what is going on there.

The premise is quite intricate and unique, but the most important aspect is that your brother was relocated. So as you visit the Palmyra Orphanage, you are trying to explore the location and find clues about where he might actually be at this time. That’s really exciting and it clearly brings in front a great sense of value and quality.

However, this is a very unsafe location. You hear ghostly footsteps and to make it even worse, the building is crumbling so everything here is unstable. Not only that, but shadows are crying out for help. This is certainly the type of location that’s super scary and which a lot of people will try to step away from. But that’s what really makes Palmyra Orphanage so good, the fact that it has an exciting and also quite immersive story, with unique features and some comprehensive ideas for you to explore. It’s certainly a worthwhile approach and one that needs to be checked out for the best results and experience.

A true focus on stealth

Yes, Palmyra Orphanage is a very intricate adventure game with a spooky setting. But the most important aspect for it is that it relies a lot on stealth. You need to avoid showing off that you’re actually in that place, so it’s quite exciting and exhilarating to see all of this. But it’s definitely the type of thing that pushes you onward and as you play you will certainly enjoy the process and the experience quite a lot every time.

People love stuff like this because it’s unique and very different. And we have to say that yes, the stealth in this game really stands out as a great part and it will push you to a variety of different levels as you go along. It will be very tricky to deal with at times, but also fun and exciting to say the least.

Multiple endings

That’s quite the shocker but yes, based on how you play you will find that Palmyra Orphanage has different endings. We like this a lot because it gives you a way to replay and see what was wrong or what you could do better. Since every room is created with the idea of offering a sense of despair and fright, that’s really exciting and it will start pushing more and more interesting options for you to explore. It will definitely be a creative approach and one that pushes things to the next level regardless of the situation.

The story is very secretive and that on its own might seem like a challenge. But what we like about Palmyra Orphanage is the fact that it’s always bringing something new to the table. The location itself is spooky and the soundtrack really messes with you very often. But the true shocker is that the game itself is based on existing blueprints of Russian orphanages. Which means you are getting a sense of redemption and sometimes even despair, which is a good thing to have in a game like this. It will constantly offer you excitement and plenty of value while also offering new ways to explore the world.


Just like any horror games, graphics play an important role. You want to feel immersed and a part of that world, and in this case you really get to feel like that. They do an extremely good job with the immersion factor and that on its own can really make things exciting and different. We like the fact that the attention to detail is so great here, and they are not pushing you too much with lots of colors.

If anything, it’s the lack of colors and the dark and gloomy location that really sets the tone and makes the game stand out for us. It’s a great and interesting option with some nifty ideas to check out and people are bound to like it quite a bit all the time.


Should you play a game like Palmyra Orphanage? It all depends on how much you like horror experiences. This one is rather spooky but it’s driven by an original story. And the developers put a lot of work into this to make it feel authentic and realistic. Which is great, because it does imbue this entire experience with a whole lot of amazing ideas and in the end that on its own can be creative and fun.

But yes, if you like horror games in general you will find Palmyra Orphanage to be very interesting and unique. It’s a lot of fun and at the same time it has the potential to expand and improve all the time. This is the type of game that gives you some really nice ideas to the table, and in the end you will find it very creative and different. We recommend you to give it a try if you like horror titles. Prepare to be spooked and to experience a really interesting, different story!

This review is based on the PC version of the game. A review copy was provided to us by Indie Boost.

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