Indie games are always trying to be as creative and as enticing as possible. And Taur is a game that certainly belongs in that category. While it comes with a vast range of incredible ideas, what makes Taur unique is the fact that it combines everything in a really fun way. At its core, the title is an action strategy sci-fi experience. It blends a multitude of game types into a single one, making everything unique and different, while also encouraging you to test out your ideas and trying out something new.

How do you play Taur?

The idea behind Taur is that you are in control of a prime cannon. This is a tower defense at its core, so the focus is on adding in all kinds of weapons and unlocking abilities to make the cannon more powerful. Enemies are coming your way at a very rapid pace, so you need to find the right approach as you unlock everything and eliminate challenges that arise. The most important aspect of Taur is the fact that the game itself is very intense.

Even if you have multiple waves, each one of them is different and a lot more powerful when compared to the previous one. It’s important to note that the game constantly encourages you to test out new ideas. Although it seems interesting at first, it only gets crazier and that says a lot for a game in this genre. They do an amazing job of making the gameplay as immersive and as exciting as it can be here.

You can add a secondary weapon to the cannon and that can make the difference. You can also unlock and then upgrade weapons too if you want, so it makes the gameplay a lot better. While there is some guidance, the reality is that you will enjoy the experience a lot and it will bring in the support and assistance you may need. It’s incredible, unique and different, while also making it easy for you to test out new stuff.

Eliminate a plethora of enemies

What sets Taur apart is the fact that you have so many enemies on screen at the same time. It might not seem like that at first, but the gameplay is insane and it only gets crazier as you play. Thankfully you constantly upgrade and expand on stuff too. The fact that there are so many enemies and more are coming means you need to prepare very well, otherwise, you will not be able to win. But overall, it’s clear that the game is extremely intense and it only gets more and more rewarding as you go along. That’s why you want to check it out and if you do it wisely this can be well worth it.

Fully destructible environment

One of the cool things about Taur is the fact that they are adding in creative game ideas and fully destructible environments are a great factor here. Everything can be destroyed and that means you need to take advantage of that as you try to eliminate your enemies. Moreover, the enemies are not joking around, they come in massive numbers to kill you.

This take on tower defense is unique and it always comes up with something new and different. You want to make it more intense and interesting, and the game certainly has the tools to help you do that. Moreover, they do allow you to acquire resources and then you expand the defenses. Some of the things you can build include aircraft, droids, automatic turrets and so on. It will take a little bit of trial and error to make it work, but the gameplay will guide you through the process and that’s what you need.


Taur has quite a lot of interesting tech options you can unlock in the game. This is a very creative idea and they do a very good job of making it immersive and distinctive. They don’t rush you in any way, instead the focus is on making things fun and interesting without pushing you.

You need to invest as much as possible in research as that’s what will push you to make things work all the time. The war zones need to be conquered, but you also need to assess the situation and see what you can do. It helps you more than you imagine, and if you tackle everything correctly you can win. You might lose some zones, sometimes you can expand beyond belief, but it all comes down to the way you play and how immersed you are into the story and the entire experience.

Great endgame

When you reach the end of the runs, you will need to defeat the Imperion Overlord in battle. This is very intense, and it constantly encourages you to try out some new things and test out what you can do. Even if the gameplay is becoming more and more challenging, the fact that you have a battle with the overlord is cool and we like that quite a lot.

Taur also has a Forge system. This allows you to reshape the damage and quality of all the prime cannon weapons. If you believe that one of the weapons is not working the way you want, you will be able to make some changes to that. And that’s where Taur shines, it’s creative and it always allows you to adapt the way you play on the spot.


The sci-fi aspect sets a great tone for the game, and the gameplay itself is very good. This is tower defense at its finest, with some creative ideas that help you expand and push the boundaries to check out something new and different. Taur is a very good game, full of excitement and plenty of challenges. Not all runs you try might be amazing from the start, but the gameplay will be great and you can always get better. So yes, Taur is a must-play, especially if you love tower defense and sci-fi games!

This review is based on the PC version of the game. A review copy was provided to us by Echo Entertainment.

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