Some games are designed to be very complex, while others are super simple at least when it comes to the base idea. House Flipper is a part of the second group, and it does an outstanding job in that perspective. What a lot of people love about House Flipper is the fact that this is a fascinating, exciting and entertaining game with creative ideas. The main focus is that you are a renovator and you want to become a one-person renovation crew.

You are getting houses for a low price, start to repair them and improve them, maybe add furniture and sell them for a profit. The main focus is to create a business out of this and become very successful. Not only does it come in handy, but this game is all about pushing a variety of fresh ideas to the table while eliminating a vast range of different challenges.

How can you create a successful flipping business?

One of the top advantages of House Flipper is that it makes you think like an entrepreneur. It shows that there are some particular challenges to go through, and you have to eliminate those by one. The top thing about this game is that it’s continuously focused on fun and exciting ideas. Not only is it very immersive, but you always have a new kind of home to check out and repair.

Every home is different, and it ends up being a whole lot of fun in a situation like this. With this, you get a vast range of moments and situations that become funny. When you are a part of the House Flipper experience, you always have a fresh set of moments, and you will find yourself continually adapting to the situations at hand. But that’s the funny thing with House Flipper, this is one of those games that will continuously improve, and you will be pleased with the way it works and the features that it brings to the table.

The main idea here is simple, you buy properties based on how many you have, and then you renovate them to sell for a profit eventually. This flipping business works excellent, it’s exciting, and it always encourages you to try out new things and adjust as much as you can. Many people love House Flipper because it continually encourages you to adapt and see what works for you.

Repairing houses is fun.

At first, you might be disgusted because some of these houses are a clear mess. But that’s the cool factor with House Flipper, and you always have something sweet and different that you can try out and you will enjoy the moments in front of you. That doesn’t mean it becomes a simple thing to repair homes. It takes a bit to enjoy all the mechanics, and you continuously need to adapt and implement features in a smart and rewarding manner.

We like the fact that they add a lot of actions similar to what you would do in real life. That means you will screw things together, drill, use nails and so on. It’s a cool aspect and one of those things that can make a huge difference in a game like this. We recommend you to check it out and give it a try for yourself if you are into trying out new mechanics or finding things you might enjoy.

Fixing and cleaning stuff up might sound tedious, but that’s what you will mostly do in House Flipper. House Flipper is a game for patient people that want to see how flipping houses can turn into a great business. And it shows that yes, with the right ideas and approach, you can do business out of this.

Lots of interior design

Once you clean everything up, you will notice the fact that the game is full of freedom when it comes to interior design. You are free to choose what interior design works for you and adjust or adapt based on that. And you will enjoy the experience just because it continually changes and improves smartly and refreshingly. Plus, they added hundreds of different items to add inside your home. That’s why you want to give it a try for yourself because it looks excellent and the gameplay itself gets better and better.

You can be as creative as possible when it comes to repairing or demolishing stuff. Since you buy that property with your own money, it’s your home, and you can choose to either repair or destroy it in any way that you see fit. And that’s where the coolness factor comes with the game because it helps you do whatever you want without limitations. It’s all about trying out new ideas and just having fun for a change.


House Flipper looks ok considering the type of game that it wants to be. It’s rewarding and exciting to play, and it does bring in front of some interesting mechanics that you will like. Is it the most visually appealing game in the world? No, and it doesn’t try that either. But instead, it’s all about the gameplay itself. Thankfully, it still looks ok for what it is, so you will get a sense of immersion while playing if you want. And that’s the most important aspect, to try and play the way you want.


As a whole, House Flipper is always going to impress you, and it can bring in front some beautiful moments for you to explore. People love House Flipper because it’s insanely fun and different, and you will also enjoy it because it’s fully customizable. You can play the way you want, it gets a lot of immersion and excitement, and the quality of this experience is second to none.

Just consider giving House Flipper a try if you want a peaceful, fun game for people with a lot of patience. It’s a great title and one that you will come back to rather often. It has a garden DLC too, in case you want to customize stuff like that as well!

This review is based on the PC version of the game. A review copy was provided to us by Frozen District.

Overall rating

The good
  • -Gameplay is great if you like simulators. Very hard to take a break when you put time into a renovation. Does a good job at making you wanna see it all the way through.

  • -Animations are very fluid and intuitive. Accompanying sounds are realistic.

  • -Lighting, shadows, objects, terrain, etc...it all looks top notch. A testament of current game engines. (when maxed)

  • -Relaxing soundtrack.

The bad
  • -Not much variety with houses. There are missions and each house presents a new problem to fix...up to a point. The expensive 2-story houses don't offer any new challenges, and actually didn't need much work to them. I did some cleaning, but they were already furnished and painted...

  • -Not much of an end-game. Once you've done all the missions/available houses, you've experienced everything 10x over. Not much difficulty getting money, either. this is obviously to still maintain a ``game`` feeling and could actually be a good thing, if you just want a completely worry-free experience.

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