Simulation games are always trying to offer you ways to try out things that you normally would not do in your day to day life. And in some ways that’s what you get with Thief Simulator. No one really wants to become a thief, but this is a funny and interesting game experience that really brings you unique methods to become a thief and push the boundaries in a fun and creative manner. It’s interesting to see how everything plays together and you will love the attention to detail and experience in this game.

How do you play?

Thief Simulator makes you a very powerful high-tech thief. So you are using the latest technologies to steal stuff, which is why you have to work really hard to acquire intel, access stuff and sell them. This is pretty much a business where you have to steal stuff to sell it as you want to acquire better items to become a better thief.
You will be able to study the location and see how and what you can do in order to steal the items you want. Every situation is a bit challenging and tricky, with the experience itself being quite unique every time. The game does a very good job at offering you outstanding ideas and they always strive to push the boundaries and make the game a lot more enticing.

Gathering intel is a very important part of this game. They encourage you to think outside the box on this one. And for most of the time it actually works. It just delivers the attention to detail and quality you want. You never feel rushed and the fact that you can buy high tech devices to better understand the location makes you try out more and more challenging experiences. That doesn’t mean the game is always going to be easy.

Every experience is different. Some levels are super simple, others are complicated and so on. But in the end what matters is how you choose to tackle them and the overall power and carefulness you put into this. As long as you want to make this a rewarding and exciting experience, you will be able to do that and the game is insanely powerful and interesting no matter what.

It’s all about strategy and quickness

Once you start the mission and actually go inside to steal, you need to be very fast. There’s always a good idea to scout beforehand and see if there are items you do not want to use. It’s definitely a creative aspect and one that will always push the boundaries and just bring in a creative set of ideas that you will enjoy and appreciate quite a lot every time.
The problem is that the police is coming and they will track each one of your movements. If you’re not careful and fast, you will end up attacked, so every situation can be a problematic one unless you are very good and you know the steps you want to take. It’s definitely fun and a creative experience as you try to become better and better.

Thief Simulator allows you to prepare loot and use it the way you see fit. The interesting thing about all of this is that you can’t use it all the time. So even if you have tools, you have to time it right and see when and how you will manage and handle all these things the right way. Preparing loot is also important, and it becomes a serious hassle most of the time too. The trick with Thief Simulator is that you always need to disassemble cars or a variety of large items. You can’t just sell them in the state you got them. The same with phones.

It really is a simulator and it continues to impress with the creative ideas and unique power brought to the table. That alone really pushes the boundaries and it enhances the process in a powerful manner. It’s never going to be a simple challenge, but if you do it right the payoff alone will be among some of the best and the results will be second to none.

Great game of stealth

If you like stealth games Thief Simulator is definitely for you. The title does a very good job at making the gameplay immersive and fun. It always encourages you to try out new strategies and figure out what you what to in order to not get caught. It’s interesting to see how accurate the Thief Simulator experience really is, and it always brings in that adrenalin rush you always wanted.

The game does have some bugs at times however, just like many simulators do. For example, you can see through walls, and you will end up with situations where the police won’t see you even if they are very close. These things break the immersion, which is super important in a game like Thief Simulator. But if you get past that then the Thief Simulator experience is a very interesting and rewarding one, and you will love every moment from it. That means there will be tricky situations as you try to become better and better at the game, true. Yet it’s worth it and that’s what you need to think about no matter what.

Should you play Thief Simulator?

The game is pretty interesting, and it does offer a unique simulation experience no other title offers. It’s creative, it encourages you to test out new ideas and it becomes really fun as you get better at it. Of course there are challenges to deal with, but for the most part the game is very intense and fun.

Yes, there are some bugs here and there, and the performance can differ from one computer to the other. But the experience is really interesting and rewarding, and you should totally give the game a try as it’s intense and just a pleasure to explore all the time, especially if you love stealth experiences!

This review is based on the PC version of the game. A review copy was provided to us by PlayWay S.A. and Noble Muffins

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