Monster Prom is one of those games that seem very interesting right from the start. The main idea is that it’s a dating simulator per say, but all of the dating experience takes place at a prom and you will be meeting all kinds of monsters. Some would say that this is a recipe for disaster, but it’s still really exciting and it definitely brings in front something unique and different for you to explore.

How can you play?

The idea of having a competitive dating simulation where you have 3 weeks to get a date is very interesting and quite fun. You can also compete with other people online if you want, which we found to be very impressive and fun. You are competing with one another as you try to appeal to one of the 6 love interests in the game. Asking them to prom is the ultimate goal, but you need to do everything in your power to reach that next level in a creative and powerful manner no matter the situation.

As you play you need to use all the tactics you can to your own advantage. Keep in mind that this is a monster prom, so you will end up dealing with all sorts of different challenges as you explore the entire experience in a meaningful and unique way. The fact that you don’t have too many weeks to play makes the game very intense most of the time.
We also like the fact that they did integrate a variety of cool characters. It’s just super immersive and interesting while also offering all kinds of creative ideas and not rushing you to pick a very specific character to begin with.

Each one of the love interests is actually a very well defined character. They have their pros and cons, they like different things and the attitude is different. As a result, they are always bringing in some sort of new challenge to your life. That’s interesting and it just goes to show how to impress yourself and just push things to that next level in a wonderful and unique manner. Once you do that, you will find that nothing is impossible and the results as a whole can be impressive every time.

However, we did encounter the fact that there’s no real buildup to the prom. You just know that it arrives, but you’re more focused on the deadline itself rather than the prom which can make the game a bit more boring than you want it to be, and that’s certainly not the intention here.

Pursue your love in a clever way

One of the challenges with this game is that it constantly pushes the boundaries and every decision you make will have consequences. Some more challenging than others. Which is why you need to take this dating approach very seriously, as it can be super problematic at times. But the reality is that’s where Monster Prom shines the most. It constantly strives to push the boundaries while also making things creative and unique all the time.

The fact that your opponents can snag your date right in front of you is certainly possible. And it opens up the Pandora’s box for some really interesting moments and experiences. It’s always going to be tricky to enjoy such an approach but if you do it right nothing will be impossible. And that’s where Monster Prom really works super nicely. It shows that this is a competition and it pits you against all those challenges while also offering some interesting ways to eliminate them as you go along. Even as you choose the dialogue options you might end up doing something wrong.

On the other hand, it does encourage you to interact with the monsters in the game and with the other players that enter your game. You will find those simple things like competing with others to name food is boring, but it offers some cool ideas into the experience and the results themselves are actually more than you ever anticipated.

Visuals and sounds

One of the challenges with Monster Prom is that it starts offering some nuanced ideas and you need a lot of tactics. But this is also designed with a comic book style which you will find very intense and interesting at the same time. In addition, the character design is very accurate and it certainly matches the personality. Even the animations add a lot to the experience because you feel very well connected to these people in a very interesting manner. It’s unique and rewarding, and you will always find yourself trying to connect with them as much as possible, which really pushes the boundaries in a clever and fun way.

Are there downsides?

Since Monster Prom is a lot of fun, it does have some downsides that draw the game back a little bit. For a lot of people, the game is not overly tactical, which can end up being an issue more than you might want it to be, so you really need to take it into account and just enjoy the experience in a rewarding and clever manner every time.

Also, the narrative doesn’t have a lot of depth and the random humor can break the immersion. That doesn’t mean the game is bad, that’s not true at all. But there are moments when you want it to be better and it’s not the case, which is a bit sad honestly. That’s why you have to pay a lot of attention to the way everything comes together, as it can be really interesting.


Monster Prom is a fun game, very different from the other titles out there. It has some amazing party mechanics that can be very interesting if you play with friends. On top of that, most of the comedy works, although there are some less appealing moments sometimes. And in addition, the art style really adds to the story and it’s designed to bring in front a unique monster dating experience. If you’re looking for a game that’s fresh and interesting, it will be a great idea to play this one.

Monster Prom: Second Term DLC

The Monster Prom: Second Term tries to expand the monster dating experience with some interesting, new creative decisions. You have some new characters, events and narrative choices designed to expand on the previous experience and just make it as interesting and fun as possible.

They added 10 new secret endings, so there’s a lot of content to uncover and you will it to be very appealing and also super interesting every time you give it a shot. Not only that, but you have 2 new love interests, mainly Calculester and Zoe. The cool thing is that these characters are super different from one another, yet the experience itself really works and you find yourself pushing the boundaries in a wonderful and also appealing way. You will find it to be very interesting to play especially when you push the boundaries and try to commit to the process in a wonderful manner. Once you start giving it a try, nothing will stand in your way, so try to use that to your own advantage every time.

However, you have more than 2 new dating experiences. They went further with the addition of 10 new NPCs, which add a lot to the personality of the game too. All of them are funny and you will find interacting with them to be very immersive and really exciting all the time. Even the end credits polaroids will allow you to extend your collection to make it even more appealing.
They also have 120+ new events that you can experience with your gang. The DLC is more of a collection of new content, they didn’t amend any of the original game, which is actually a very good thing for most players. You will find it to be very exciting and that’s the thing that you will appreciate very early on in the experience.

Adding in new characters does spruce up the game in ways you would not imagine. What really matters in here is the approach and the way everything comes together in the game. It’s not forced, which is really nice, as it encourages you to try some new ways to solve the challenges that arrive.

At the same time, Monster Prom: Second Term is designed to be very immersive and interesting without rushing. The DLC does a very good job of further expanding the world and adding in new events. Most players will appreciate the new events and content, and the 2 new love interests might very well be some of the best in the game at this time. Even the NPCs that they added are cool.

If you liked Monster Prom, then the Monster Prom: Second Term DLC does a very good job at fleshing things out while also bringing in something rewarding and unique. It’s a cool DLC and one that will become a must-have if you like the original game!

This review is based on the PC version of the game. A review copy was provided to us by Those Awesome Guys.

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