Lust for Darkness is an interesting new game for PC that comes with a rather disturbing premise. It’s a psychological horror at its core and the idea here is that you want to find satisfaction at the middle of two different worlds. The world is very intriguing and you will find yourself challenged all the time as you are dealing with various occult themes and erotic themes too. This explores the way the human body intertwines and it totally adds in a sense of unique benefits and creative ideas that you can explore and enjoy all the time.


The main premise listed above is also completed by the fact that you have a Victorian mansion and an alien dimension named Lusst’ghaa. This dimension comes with Lovecraftian creatures and they are trying to experiment with our planet. In fact, at first they were rather similar to our planet, but they actually decided to go with degeneration which is quite the challenge here to be honest. They are experimenting with their bodies and try out some unique and fun ideas that try to push it onward again and again. What you will notice here is that their planet has vegetation and different monsters.

That’s disturbing for sure and it can become very problematic which is why you have to find the right way to tackle this situation and just commit to the process in a way that totally works all the time. They did a very good job at bringing occult and erotic themes together here. Being able to explore some nuanced ideas like sexuality and the perfection of the human body in a horror game is very interesting.


At its core the idea here is that you will have a lot of exploration to do. This is an adventure game, there’s not a whole lot of action, you just need to figure out what is happening and what you can do in order to deal with these situations. They seem normal at first, until they actually become a lot worse than you imagine. So you will need to find the right way to deal with such an issue and it’s definitely going to expand as you go along.

We like the fact that you use portals to explore the two realities. It just gives a sense of amazing gameplay options and the attention to detail itself is among some of the best out there. The game is playful and fun all the time, it always tries to offer you the benefit of the doubt while also establishing core ideas that you will build upon. That’s definitely an interesting option and it will bring in some resounding benefits no matter the situation.

As you play you will notice that the game world is quite strange and also full of terrors. You never really know what you can expect in this world. They did include a lot of hidden items that help you unlock side stories. You will get to learn more about the characters in the game, who they are, what they are doing and why they are establishing themselves in such a manner. This is totally worth it and it just shows the uniqueness provided by the entire experience and just how rewarding this entire process can actually be all the time.

When it comes to the creatures themselves, they are definitely very ugly and quite a drag to look at. But trying to get rid of them and expanding the gameplay experience is what you will really like here. The Lovecraftian aspect is something that you notice right from the start and the game really pushes the boundaries when it comes to having fun and trying out all sorts of new ideas without any issues. Yes the game can be tricky to enjoy at times when there are lots of creatures.

Yet they went with the right approach by making these creatures more solitary. You will rarely find a group of creatures, which is great because it makes that entire experience a lot more intimate and challenging every time. Yes it will take a little bit to try and adapt to this in a fun way, but in the end what really matters is the gameplay itself and the fun that comes from all of it. And in this case Lust for Darkness delivers just about all you need.

Sounds and graphics

The graphics in this game are decent. You won’t have the best and latest textures, but this is a darker game and the tone is matched very well with the graphics they provided. Granted, you will get bored of the interiors for the most part, and that’s because the game is always trying to make things more interesting and fun for you. Of course there will be challenges along the way but at the same time with the right amount of ideas and creativity you can turn this into something super funny and with a tremendous allure you will enjoy.

When it comes to sounds, the game is interesting too since it has that unique sound system a lot of people like. The soundtrack is eery and the tonality as a whole really matches the game experience to a tee. Yes there will be some demanding aspects that you have to think about but if you do this properly you will find that the payoff alone will be among some of the best.

Is Lust for Darkness a game you should play? The erotic tones makes it not that suitable for kids. But if you are a person trying to find a more mature game you will find this title to be a whole lot of fun. It might not seem like a lot at first but it definitely grows on you and a game like this is always exciting and just super funny. You should consider giving it a try if possible, as you will enjoy it quite a bit. Yes it’s different and not for everyone, but it’s still a great one to check out!

This review is based on the PC version of the game. A review copy was provided to us by Movie Games Lunarium.

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